Focus Pest Management Lawn & Shrub Care Services are not anything like our competitors have to offer. Our approach to Lawn & Shrub Care is more than just dragging a chemical hose across your lawn and treating your lawn & shrubs just like everyone else.

Our Lawn Care programs are custom to your particular lawn type using only granular products. Having a granular fertilizer applied versus a liquid will allow longer feeding times; which in return will lead to a healthier lawn. We treat your lawn 6 times a year with the right balance of fertilizers throughout the year. Our technicians apply 2 pre-emergent weed control applications throughout the year; once in the spring and once in fall. Lime is also applied in the winter months to condition the soil and adjust the PH levels of the soil. Post emergent weed control is done throughout the year to eliminate any existing weeds. Insecticides are only applied to the lawn when insect problems arise. If  lawn disease is present in grass it will also be treated at no additional charge. Each service includes blowing off fertilizers & insecticides from sidewalks, driveways and patios.

Some lawns such as tall fescue need annual core aeration & seeding. We have you covered there too.

At Focus Pest Management we use only what we feel are the best quality products available. We don’t take short cuts in lawn care. Our technicians take extreme pride in providing only the best in lawn & shrub care. You will notice on each visit that our technicians truly care about the overall appearance of your property. Because we look at it as if your lawn & shrubs don’t good…neither do we!

Shrub Care provided by Focus Pest Management will take care of certain shrub damaging insects such as Lace Bugs, Scale, Mealy Bugs, White Flies, Aphids and more. Our technicians use an insecticide and oil mix. The mixture we use will not only kill the damaging insects but, will also provide protection to the plant by helping to prevent future insect invasions. Granular fertilizers are applied twice a year.

Both our Lawn & Care Programs include Imported Fire Ants.

We do not charge extra for Crabgrass, Sedge Weeds.

The bottom line to our lawn & shrub care programs, is we spend more time on your property to give the customer better results.

An environmentally conscious approach not only provides a healthier lawn & shrub care program. But, it also gives you a safer property to enjoy.

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  • Granular Slow-Release Fertilizers for longer feeding times & healthier roots
  • Driveways & Sidewalks are blown off each visit to prevent runoff to creeks, streams & rivers
  • Pre-Emergent & Post-Emergent Weed Control
  • Lime Application ( Soil PH )
  • Core Aeration Available
  • Over Seeding Available
  • Imported Fire Ants Included
  • Disease Control Included
  • Crabgrass & Sedge Weeds Included